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After vacation, your pet will be as relaxed as you are! 434-608-1122 or

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Prestige Kennel & Pet Services

We Are Prestige Kennel & Pet Services

Our team knows that leaving pets behind while we go on vacation is never easy.


After playing hard all day, your dog can be pampered with our grooming services with our experienced staff members.


Daycare is not only a great way for your dog to work off their excess energy and be tired when they get home.


At this time, we do not have grooming services. However, we’re still here for all your dog bathing and nail service needs.

Prestige Kennel & Pet Services

Trustworthy Dog Boarding Services Near You

Our team knows that leaving pets behind while we go on vacation is never easy.

Dog Boarding


Whether you are heading out of town for the night or longer, our staff has a passion for dogs and will treat your pup like their own.

Dog Daycare


Our daycare offers you peace of mind knowing while you are not home, your dog is getting the level of activity they need each day.



Our priority at Prestige Kennel is to recreate the attention and atmosphere that your dog is accustomed to.

We understand the importance of finding a quality home away from home for your best friend

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Prestige Kennel & Pet Services

Our Kennel & Pet Services

We offer a range of services under our normal rates.

Our Promise

Prestige Kennel is committed to the quality of care we provide you and your dog.

Outdoor Adventures

The 3-acre park like setting is perfect for outdoor doggie adventures like fetch, water days, and nature walks.

Indoor Living

You and your pup benefit from clean, fresh air from the moment you walk in the door.


Durable Snyder suites will provide a safe environment for your dog to rest on their own Karunda bed each night.

Tail Waggers Club

All Prestige dogs, both boarders and daycare, will enjoy our 6 outdoor fenced in play areas with ample shade, stimulation, and dog friendly mulch.


Rainy days are no problem with our expansive indoor play area that also allows for seperation of dogs by temperment and activity level.

Prestige Kennel & Pet Services

Come Stay
With Us!

Prestige Kennel & Pet Services


Prestige Kennel & Pet Services

Your Dog's Home Away From Home

Comforts of Home

You are encouraged to bring a blanket and your dogs preferred dog food for boarding. Additional walks,treats, and baths can be added at time of booking.

Daycare Drop-Off Hours

Daycare is available Monday through Friday and should be booked in advance to ensure proper play group placement.


Monday through Friday
7am-9am and 4pm to 6pm
Saturday 8am-10am
Sunday 3pm-5pm

Our Boarding Rates

Our standard rate includes plenty of exercise and socialization. We encourage you to book online to upload your vet records and agree to the terms and conditions.

Prestige Kennel & Pet Services

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