Dog Boarding

Customized Overnight Accommodations

Dog Boarding with Prestige Kennel will be like a fun trip to overnight camp for your 4-legged friend. Our ultimate goal is to create a “home-away-from-home” atmosphere for your dog. Time away from mom and dad can be scary enough for dogs—not to mention being thrown into a new place with strange smells and sounds. We want to make your dog’s time away from home as pleasant as possible – in fact, we want them to enjoy it when mom and dad leave town!

Lights Out!

All our indoor sleeping areas are:

  • Climate-controlled and offer durable Snyder accommodations.
  • We have a variety of size suites to accommodate small dogs, giant breeds, or large families.
  • Each suite comes with a size appropriate Karanda brand dog bed and you are encouraged to bring a blanket for them to snuggle with.

Chow Time!

You are encouraged to bring your dog’s favorite food. Many dogs eat less when they are in a new place. Having a familiar meal will help comfort them and give them a sense of normalcy. We will adhere to any special dietary needs your pup has and can match your feeding regimen. No worries if you forget your food or need to extend your pups stay, we can provide a healthy and nutritious meal for an added cost.

Let’s Play!

We never forget that their stay with us is a vacation for your pet, too! Our furry friends enjoy up to 4 hours of recess each day in good weather. Individual play time will vary with weather, age, and health. But rest assured, we have an option that’s right for every dog:

  • Oversized outdoor play areas, for social groups
  • Spacious private runs for independent or nonsocial dogs
  • Leash walks for non-socialized dogs who need to expend more energy
  • Scheduled quiet rooms for shy and older dogs

Initial “evaluation day” of daycare required before boarding (we often book up 2+ weeks in advance, so keep that in mind when scheduling!).  A full report of your dog’s day will be given upon pickup, at which time boarding schedules can be confirmed. There is a $30 charge for the evaluation day of daycare.