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Prestige Kennel & Pet Services

Why Choose Prestige

As dog owners and lovers, we understand the importance of finding a quality home away from home for your best friend. Prestige Kennel is committed to the quality of care we provide you and your dog.

What sets us apart from other kennels is the truly outstanding level of care we give to our clients’ dogs. We are not “doggy-storage”- we go way above and beyond just giving your dog a place to stay. We see to it that your pet is as comfortable as possible while in our care. Of course, there’s no place like home, but we make it our goal to be the next best thing.

Who we are

Jerett Martin

Patience, combined with a passion for helping others is the foundation of Jerett’s experience. Growing up in Chicago, Jerett knew that he wanted to follow a path that would allow him to help others. After playing football in college and obtaining a degree in Criminal Justice, the decision was made to relocate to Lynchburg, Virginia. Immediately Jerett started to coach football and has experience at the college, semi-pro, and high school level. Each coaching position has improved his ability to put solid plans in place and make adjustments quickly.

As an adult, Jerett has been best friends with 2 rescue dogs and 2 Cane Corso’s. Being an owner of larger, often misunderstood dog breeds, Jerett has taken his learnings on the field of consistency and structure, into the backyard. Understanding that socialization provides multiple benefits for dogs, he has looked for ways to engage his dogs including field trips to various locations in town and successful road trips.

There are times, however, that taking the dogs isn’t feasible. Jerett struggled to find a place for his best friends to stay when he wanted to go out of town that could provide them a safe and stimulating environment. So, after 8 years in the education field, he decided to continue his passion for helping people and Presitge Kennel and Pet Services was born. Whether your dog is small or large, shy, or the life of the party, Jerett’s mission is for each dog to have its individual personality celebrated and each dog owner to know, there is a place for your best friend at Prestige.